A hot one in Soquel Demo

It was super-hot this weekend, or at least that’s what our Bay Area people thought. (We had one rider from Georgia and another who spent five years in Phoenix). So we decided to go to a place with “Forest” in the name. It was still pretty hot in Soquel Demo, and we found a new tactic for dealing with the big slogging climb at the start–get into a long, stupid political argument to keep our minds distracted.

Chris won Best Biff, unfortunately on one of the first obstacles, banging his knee badly enough that he had to keep it mellow the rest of the day. Josh went without pads, and did win First Blood because of it. (He also had a built-in whinge excuse).

One of the side benefits of the wet winter is that the creeks are still running; on the big slogging climb at the end, we pulled off to wash our faces in one of the cool, crisp streams, which felt great.

A group of us stopped off on the way home to throw nine holes at the new Lake Chabot Golf Club disc golf course. It’s a nice setting, but probably not worth the cost ($12/person!).

Great two-sport day!


Josh on the skinny