Epic ride, eh?

Several of our locals (Jim, Nathan, and Ned) participated in the epic Kluane Chilkat race in northern Canada and Alaska, a 150-mile, one-day cycling event, which they planned to do as a relay group of four. They started riding about 4:00 AM, and it became even more epic when a storm dumped several inches of snow on them. It became more epic still when the bike race was cancelled, and our intrepid crew decided to keep going.

That’s right, the four unicyclists were the only ones to complete the race.

They got a bunch of press for it, and Nathan and Jimbo made a video (below). Representing for the one wheelers! Congrats to all, and especially to Ned on his wedding, which was the inspiration for this crazy event. (And obviously, his wife Ani is super-amazing for thinking this was a good idea on their wedding weekend!)

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