DAvid couldn’t make Sunday’s ride, but a bunch of us have flexible schedules these days, so we put together a Berkeley ride on Wednesday. It was good MUni weather, a little windy when we started out but once it calmed down it was beautiful. We climbed all the way up to get the views, and had a bunch of fun playing on the obstacles on the way down, with DAvid pushing us (well, at least Josh and Kevin) to try some really big stuff.

Josh unhappily won Best Biff, dislocating his finger trying to ride over a log pile. He popped it back in and finished the ride (way to go, man!) He won First Blood on the same biff, earning an extra point for a facial wound. And we got to ride with Kevin for the first time in forever.

No whipsnakes sighted.

Playing on a side option

Kevin on the log