Ed Pratt’s Grand Départ

We sometimes ride on roads, but not like Ed Pratt. He’s been on the road, solo, unsupported, for over two years, starting at his home in southwestern England, and intending to travel around the world in an unbroken line. He’s just arrived in the States, and set off from Fort Point to cross the final continent of his trip.

A group of us went out to meet Ed and ride with him on his first day heading south. It was gorgeous in SF, so a motley collection of geared and ungeared unicycles, standard and cargo bikes, and an electric one-wheeled contraption made our way through the city and down to the coast.

Ed is raising money for a UK charity, School in a Bag, which provides school supplies to vulnerable children in developing-world countries. So far he’s raised over £18,000 ($25,000) for the cause as he’s traveled with his (extremely heavy!) ungeared 36er across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

He’s also done a bunch of interesting videos and blog posts, and he’ll be working on one about his time in the Bay Area when he gets the chance. Check it out over at worldunicycletour.com.

Thanks for visiting us, it was inspiring!

Ed Pratt's Grand Départ

Ed Pratt's Grand Départ

Ed Pratt on the Pacific Coast