Party in Rockville

We had our biggest ride in a long time this weekend, with a dozen people coming from places as far away as Santa Cruz and Auburn, and ranging from uni royalty like Nathan, Beau and John, down to Chris who was on his first group MUni ride. It was a beautiful day, cool and crisp, and we did a ton of sessioning in the quarry, on the Cave Trail, and on Rock Gardens. People peeled off at different times, with Bevan and Colin winning the endurance award with their bonus loop to hit Cascade.

Beau uncharacteristically won Best Biff on the chute at the top of the Cave Trail, Corbin won Silliest Failure To Get Your MUni Working, being forced to bring his 36″ into our most technical park, and everyone had a blast.

There were two more videographers, but here’s Josh’s video and my stills. Love this park!

Bevan in the quarry

Colin on Cave Trail

Rock Gardens final chute

Edit to add: One of the problems of video is that editing is a major pain. Here’s Corbin’s (cool!) video, only 2.5 months later:

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