Getting on the train

We’re planning to hit the Southwest at the end of this month. I’m heading out there by train, along with Owen, and we also need to train, as in, get ready for 5 days of MUni in the desert. So Owen called a ride in Berkeley, and we got a good crew to crank all the way up to the top by the Steam Trains. We did a ton of sessioning and wound up being on the trails for five hours, which is a really long ride in Strawberry Canyon.

Dragon won Best Biff on the bonus chutes, and First Blood and Human Cliffside Retrieval with a silly run off the side of the trail high in the canyon (prompted by Chris’ silly biff right behind him). There was a lot of unicycle bowling, but Chris definitely won the competition with a tumbling entry on the chute down from the fire road.

We were pretty exhausted by the end, but had the fun experience of coming off the trail into a parking lot filled with rugby players from Army having an after-game tailgate. We got a huge round of applause; we probably looked bad-ass because we were all filthy from sliding down the chutes.

Two more weeks!

Colin on the drop

Chris on the scary rock

Bevan gapping


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