Prescott Circus showcase

Some of us have worked with the awesome Prescott Circus after-school program in Oakland. Under director David Hunt (also of Circus Bella), it’s grown and become more robust, with programs in eight Oakland elementary schools, and deepening connections to arts education. Jimbo and I went to seeĀ UPLIFT! Celebrating Our Lives, Prescott’s 2018 showcase at Oakland Tech.

The show was fun, with really high production quality and good energy, and a great live children’s band, the Oakland Spirit Orchestra. And their unicycle act was solid enough to perform in place of their usual walking globe. Afterwards, Jimbo and I played around a little with a basketball, which the kids were really into.

Prescott is a great program that can always use more support; their annual fundraiser, Dance Together Into the Ring, is April 21.

Prescott Circus Showcase

Prescott Circus Showcase

Prescott Circus Showcase



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