Blue Monday

Chris and I had Monday off (Chris because it’s summer, me because consulting works that way), and were looking for a workout, so we headed out for an early morning ride on Diablo. We didn’t do the massive epic approach from Stone Mountain, instead choosing to park just below the Buckeye Trail singletrack. Even so, it’s a pretty big day, and we notched just over 1000 meters climbing, starting out on dirt up to Rock City (I made the whole fire road!), and then on road from there. It was a beautiful clear blue day, with just a touch of cloud cover keeping the heat off in the morning, though it got pretty hot as we came down on the trails.

Chris won First Blood and Best Biff when he took an oak branch to the face in Rock City on the way down. (And uncharacteristically, he didn’t even enjoy it very much).

We wrapped up with lunch in Danville and were back home before rush hour.

Summit Trail

Dragonflies at the peak

Buckeye Trail