We got some exposure even before Bike East Bay’s annual PedalFest event, as they asked me to come down and provide flavor for Ginger Jui’s interview on Mornings on 2.

Since it’s PedalFest, not DriveFest, I had to ride down there with all the gear. 18 pedals, for 12 wheels total (bike, trailer, and 8 unicycles).

Load-in for Pedalfest (18 pedals!)

We worked all day at the Learn to Ride station, and actually had one guy totally get it during the day, and one young girl get most of the way there. And Ginger came over and had her second successful freemount (her first was at last year’s PedalFest).

I also entered the amphibious race on Cyclops, with mixed success.

Cyclops water entry

Cyclops water entry

We also did two shows of flatland, a bit of street, and trials, which Sarah organized. We wound up with a good number of riders showing off different skills: Sarah, Max, Owen, and Bevan primarily, although Corbin and Josh also rolled out on the tandem unicycle.

Owen flatland

Owen trials

We got a lot of love from the crowd and from Bike East Bay; a fun event as always!