Yike East Bay

We’ve done a lot of work with “Bike” East Bay, particularly supporting Pedalfest where we run learn-to-ride workshops and street/trials demos. And that was even before we knew that their new Executive Director, Ginger Jui was a unicyclist! We got her on a uni at this year’s event, helped her work on her free-mounting, and she was hooked. I rode around Lake Merritt with her a few weeks back, and this weekend we organized a Family MUni ride which included me and Jimbo on the old school side, and Ginger and Aaron as relative newbies. (Ricardo and family also were in town and hiked along with us).

Ginger on Sinawick

Conditions were nice, with last week’s rains making the trails tacky, and there were a ton of people out riding; we ran into both the Berkeley High mountain biking team and the Oakland Demo middle school team.

We did a nice loop down to the overlook, did some work on hopping skills, played around on various roots and rocks, and finished up with bonus singletrack on Sunset Loop.

Ginger on the steps


It wasn’t a bifftastic ride but I think Aaron came away with Best Biff trying to hit the kicker near the overlook on Sinawick. Or else Jeromino won it tripping while running around the parking lot.

Jimbo on Sunset Loop

It’s always great to see new folks out there, and we’ll be planning another Family MUni ride after the holidays.

So, Ginger, can we talk about that name?