That’s a wrap

Turned out I had a little time on New Year’s Eve for a ride, so I sent out a quick mail and got two responses, one from Jimbo saying he could ride until 12:30, and one from Bevan saying he could ride starting at 12:30. So for me, bonus ride!

Jim and I went up to Joaquin Miller, did a quick Big Trees loop and met Bevan back at the parking lot.

Jimbo on Big Trees

Then Jim took off and Bevan and I messed around on some obstacles and climbed Chaparral (with Bevan managing to link a huge portion of the climb).

Bevan climbing Chaparral

We coincidentally ran into Ray who was hiking with his wife Emily, did a bonus climb on the top part of Fern Ravine, then Chaparral’ed down back to the lot.

I may have won Best Biff on both rides, trying to get some air off a little rock on Chaparral. No First Blood as far as I could see. The park was pretty empty, which I’m sure will change tomorrow once everyone makes their New Year’s resolution to ride/run/hike every day until about January 23rd.

Have a MUniful year!