Colin invited us over to his backyard for a MUni ride on Mt. Sutro in SF. It turns out that Joshua (not Josh), who has been playing basketball with us, also lives over in the West Bay, so we got to ride MUni with him for the first time, and Chris joined us from Shallow Alto.

We started with an on-road uphill challenge on the top of Stanyan, which might be the steepest actual street block in the city, with one site claiming it has a 33% grade. (These kinds of claims are always in dispute, but we’ll accept it at face value).

Mount Sutro (or hereinafter, YIMBY) is a collection of switchback singletrack trails with some roots and rocks. It starts with a bunch of uphill challenges, and Chris won First Blood hitting his knee on a rock, about two minutes after I said “I’m putting my pads on because if I don’t I’m going to hit my knee on a rock.”

Chris trying the uphill challenge

(This, by the way, is the third time Chris and I have had this exact same interaction and result on a technical uphill).

We also saw some fun skinnies and stunts to play on as we were rolling up, and once up top, there were some chutes to mess around in.

Chris with spectators

I won Best Biff on one of those, rolling a good 10 feet downhill before landing on my feet.


Right at the furthest place from his house, Joshua’s valve stem failed. Chris tried to MacGyver it back together but Joshua wound up having to mostly walk home. (Fortunately we were in his backyard).

YIMBY isn’t an epic ride, but it’s hard to beat for location, and all MUni is fun MUni. And you can walk to beer afterwards with a flat tire. We’ll be back!