Getting some education

Bevan had been telling me about this trail called General Ed for a while, and I finally got a chance to join in on a ride there. We had a good crew, with Campbell, Yu, and Colin joining us on a beautiful day up in the hills. Things were still wet from recent rains but our weather was clear and cold.

General Ed MUni

Along with some steep chutes (and some super-steep chutes, and some “I ain’t doing that” chutes), General Ed is mostly a collection of stunts, ranging from small and fun to huge and ridiculous.

Bevan in the chute

After we hit the bottom we zipped over to Joaquin Miller for some fun in the chutes and a loop on Chaparral, which is way harder/more fun right now than I’ve seen it in quite a while.

Yu won First Blood and Best Biff going for it on the big chute in Joaquin Miller. I think both of those awards were firsts for him.