For those about to Rock

For our second ride of the weekend we headed out to our favorite collection of rocks in Rockville Hills Park, which had been closed because of damage from the heavy rains.

It turned out to be a very session-oriented ride; we spent over an hour in the quarry, working on the traverse, the chutes, and a couple of impressive lines from the very top.

The quarry traverse

After heading out of there we went towards the cave over the hill, playing around a bit near the top and then a bunch at the junction, where Colin won Best Biff (topping Dragon! Although Dragon did get First Blood) on the big chute.

Fun near the cave
Fun near the cave

We rolled Rock Gardens as a group, with Bevan managing the longest run. Then we played around on the bottom two chutes for a while (both much harder than usual).
End of Rock Gardens

We thought about heading back up Rock Gardens to ride down the Cave Trail, but we were already over four hours into the ride and some of us had to get back. So we just rolled out from there after playing jump-the-cow-pattie on the bridge.

Rockville is always great, and this time we came out without any injuries or major mechanical failures. Nice day!

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