Life with a Jenni

Jenni Rinker, world-famous member of the KH Factory Team and the IUF Board, is in town from Denmark for a couple of weeks for a wedding, and we had to take her out to show her some of the awesomeness of California. And this time of year, Napa Skyline is about as awesome as it gets, green and inviting, with gorgeous flowers everywhere and still a hint of a cool breeze.


Three of us headed up for a beautiful day in the park, with a figure-8 loop on Lower Skyline and Manzanita followed by a picnic and a round of disc golf on the meadow course.

Campbell going for the drop (he made it)
Campbell and post, both leaning

Pretty mellow ride, no real biffs, no blood, just a lot of fun and a lovely day out in the hills. Try that in Copenhagen!

Jenni’s going to be around for another week or so and there may be some more fun in our future.

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