Washed away

Josh is moving to Portland, in case you were wondering if it’s done as a place for hipsters. [Yes.] We got some time to head out on a ride before he takes off next month, and he wanted to hit the river bed in Dimond Canyon.

For mid-July there’s still an impressive amount of water in Sausal Creek, so there wasn’t much space to play around in the creek bed, but we did make it through the tunnel and impressed some hikers along the way. No biffs, no blood, just a fun day in the park.

Josh on the stairs
Josh in the river bed

We’ll miss Josh’s big fat tire and his ability to conjure up stupid political discussions to get us through the climb on Braille Trail. There might be time for one more ride before he takes off; otherwise, we’ll have to take the Coast Starlight up there and ride on some volcanoes with him.

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