Gala at Rockville

Returning to this place and time, Bevan and I went up to Rockville to crash the BTCEB Gala Ride. There had been some rain overnight, but the morning was gorgeous, really perfect MUni weather. Conditions were pretty perfect, and we messed around in the quarry for a while as both of us got lines we hadn’t hit before. Then we headed over to the cave area, played around on some more rocks (what else would you do in Rockville?), and were trying the chute at the end of Rock Gardens when my trusty old KH/Onza crank, after 15 years of hard MUni, finally gave up the ghost. Only the second time I’ve had to walk out of a MUni ride because of a mechanical. (The first time was the other crank.)

Time for some upgrades!

Bevan in the quarry
Rockville Hills Park
Rockville Hills Park

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