SF Crosstown Trail traversal

The San Francisco Crosstown Trail celebrated its second anniversary this weekend, and as far as we know, no one had yet ridden it on uni. Obviously something had to be done about that.

SF Crosstown Trail

JoshE and I met up at Glen Park BART and rolled out to Candlestick Point (bonus riding!) to start the traversal. It was beautiful out there, a lucky, warm, almost-summer SF day.

SF Crosstown Trail

After dodging rock squirrels out at the point, we stopped in at the info table at Mission Blue cafe in Visitacion Valley for extra caffeine and motivation. The next segment, on the Visitacion Greenway and McClaren Park, were some of the best on the trail, along with the dirt trails at Laguna Honda (developed by SF Urban Riders, a partner in the Crosstown Trail project).

SF Crosstown Trail

After finishing the official route at Land’s End, we rolled down past the Cliff House to the Great Walkway, grabbed some lunch in the Outer Sunset, then rolled back into the park and the Panhandle to head back. Josh rolled back home (basically getting two crosstown trails for the price of one), and I took the Wiggle back to BART.

SF Crosstown Trail

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  • Terry Peterson
    2 years ago

    I’ll be driving up to San Francisco from Los Angeles the week after the 4th of July probably on a Saturday or a Sunday. Looking for other unicyclist to join me as I attempt to climb to 10 steepest streets. Would also be great to have somebody film my attempts and you can use my GoPro. Let me know. You can reach me at pianolover88@hotmail.com


    Terry UniGeezer Peterson

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