Berkeleyans at UNICON

We’re all back from Italy now; we had a great time at this huge event (2000 riders!) and came back with a host of awards.  Among the Bay Area winners were:

  • Berkeley Revolution, basketball, bronze medal
  • Corbin, 10k unlimited, bronze medal
  • Corbin, marathon unlimited, bronze medal
  • Beau, MUni expert uphill, fifth place
  • Beau, MUni expert downhill, sixth place 
  • Ashley, MUni cross-country, first place, 30+ female
  • Ashley, MUni uphill, first place, 30+ female
  • Ashley, MUni obstacles, third place, 30+ female
  • Tom, MUni uphill, second place, 30+ male
  • Jimbo, World’s Sexiest Unicyclist, first place [I am not making this up]

There are too many photos and videos to post them all, but here are a few and a few links to get you started:

Beau in the finishing chute

Tom on XC course 4

Adam’s pictures

Nathan’s YouTube channel (basketball tourney videos)

Tom’s pictures


Berkeley Revolution exhibition game

The Berkeley Revolution is staging a free exhibition unicycle basketball game on Monday, July 16, at the West Campus building at 2100 Browning Street in Berkeley.  This is the last warm-up before their trip to Italy for the world championships at UNICON 16.  Come out and support the team!

Facebook event for those of you into that kind of thing.


Wildcat/Tilden MUni

I took TD Jr. out into Wildcat and Tilden today for a fitness ride.  Every time I go to Wildcat I remember why I don’t go to Wildcat; lumpy, potholed trails with cow shit all over them.  (Including some which are closed to bikes–like a bike does more trail damage than a herd of cattle).

It was a gorgeous day, with views to and beyond the Farallons.  Good climb, although there were some bits I wound up walking.  Might have made it on a 24″, although I wouldn’t have made 20+ miles, which is what it wound up being after riding home down Tunnel Road.

Uni at Wildcat Canyon

Farallons day

The route on MapMyRide