Ice MUni at Rockville

On a chilly Sunday morning, Josh suggested we head up to Rockville Hills Park. For future reference, the fact that it’s hotter there in the summer doesn’t mean it’s hotter in the winter. We saw a lot of frost and some trail sections which were well frozen, even in the afternoon.

Of course, it’s impossible to be cold riding MUni, so after we cranked up the main trail, we shucked the jackets and rode the rest of the day plenty warm, beautiful riding weather, really. I won Best Biff on a slip-and-slide down an icy granite face on Cave Trail. (Ricardo tried to top me on Cascade Trail but the judges leaned my way because they’re tired of giving it to him.)

On the way in, Josh cleaned Rock Gardens top to bottom, making him likely the first person to accomplish that feat. I made it most of the way but there are a couple of ups near the end which seem implausible without hopping.

Josh on the skinny

The rock chute

Frost on Cave Trail

Coming down Rock Gardens

Full set of pics