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On a gorgeous December day we were back in Joaquin Miller, showing around our new friend Pete, who’s ridden south from Seattle, unsupported, and is planning to go all the way to South America once his unicycle frame gets fixed. He came out on his first-ever MUni ride and kicked butt out there, riding an amazing amount of stuff and finishing with Best Biff (and second and third best biff, for that matter). We ran into old friend Sam, who’s now coaching the Oakland composite high school mountain biking team.

We rode the new Cinderella alignment (boring on the way down, climbable on the way up), hooked it up with the bottom of Castle Park (loose but a little easier than it used to be), Chaparral, Sunset, and Big Trees. Classic big day in Oaktown.

Josh on Castle Park

Joaquin Miller MUni

Joaquin Miller MUni

Marc on Big Trees

Full set of pics


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