Fossing in Rockville

Ashley on the climb

Our friend John invited us up towards the Central Valley for a ride, and it had been forever since we’d been to Rockville. So we met John, Ashley, and Jason (the new organizer of the Sacramento meet-up) in the middle and hit up one of our favorite parks.

Jason about to compete for Best Biff (he didn't win)

Or rather, Rockville hit us. It was a pretty impactful ride, with a number of flat tires (all Bevan’s; get a new tire, man), a disintegrating disc brake, and a Best Biff on Rock Gardens that had Josh walking out. And that doesn’t event count me winning First Blood trying to roll the over-the-root up at the split on Unknown Trail, or tweaking my rim on the rock face on Lower Tilly.

Bevan on Lower Tilly

So it was an awesomely fun day! Thanks to John for organizing and we’ll be back out there before long. And hoping to spend some more time with the Sacramento Unicycle Club!