Oversized chairlift

On weekends the AC Transit 339 line runs to Chabot Space and Science Center via Fruitvale and Dimond. That happens to be right at the top of prime MUni territory, so Dragon and I hatched a plan to head up there and ride back to my place, taking advantage of the potential energy.

It was wet and occasionally raining, so the dilettantes were off the trails.

Dragon on the skinny

We played around some in Redwood, then connected with the south side of Joaquin Miller and dropped down on Castle Park (pretty treacherous in the wet).

Redwood Park MUni

Then we popped over on Sunset and took roads down to the cemetery (which has been horribly violated by massive earth movers. Does Oakland really need more housing for dead people?)

Earthmover at Mountain View Cemetery

Dragon is probably the only guy who can win Best Biff while he’s sitting down; in this case, trying to get back up over super-slippery telephone poles at the top of Castle Park. He also took First Blood and Human Cliffside Retrieval on the exposed section of Sunset. I did manage to biff a good bit myself, but unsurprisingly I couldn’t keep up with Dragon.

Always good to have the option to enjoy more of the downhill, and $2.35 is pretty cheap for a lift ticket.