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Braking it in

I've been working on adding a brake to my 24" (Pittsburgh), and Dragon and I took it out on its first big Joaquin Miller ride. It's not totally dialed in but it's definitely promising.

Epic ride, eh?

Several of our locals (Jim, Nathan, and Ned) participated in the epic Kluane Chilkat race in northern Canada and Alaska, a 150-mile, one-day cycling event, which they planned to do as a relay group of four. They turned out to be the only ones to finish the race.

A hot one in Soquel Demo

It was super-hot this weekend, so we decided to go to a place with "Forest" in the name. It was still pretty hot in Soquel Demo. Great two-sport day!

Pop-up ride

Might as well take advantage of the long days while we can; a few of us did a pop-up ride after work on a beautiful evening. We were taking it easy, and I think officially we didn't even have a biff between us.

Two sports, finally

It had been months and months since I was able to organize a legit two-sport day. School does that do you. So we made an expedition out to Napa Skyline Wilderness Park, home of California MUni Weekend 2013.

Moab day 3

For our last day we went for a quick crank out to Moab Rim and Behind the Rocks. Dragon took Best Biff into a pool, and we had great fun on Sand Hill, which was a little more rideable than usual because of the extra dampness.

Moab day 2

Because the roads were wet and muddy it wasn't possible to shuttle all the way up to Upper Porcupine Singletrack like we did the last few times we'd been here. But it was still epic. Beautiful place, awesome riding, Hard to beat as a MUni trail, anywhere in the world.

Moab day 1

As always, Moab was spectacular. Day 1 was Slickrock, and Dragon and I went out early and did the whole trail. Definitely one of the more dramatic loops we've done.

City of Rocks

Rockville always lives up to its literal name. The rocks were all a little pointier than usual, but the good thing about rocks is they don't wash away, so most of the trails were still in great shape for riding. If you like rocks, which we do.

Doubling up

We're just a couple weeks from Moab, so it's time to test our recovery abilities. After yesterday's epic, we had a mellow ride in Joaquin Miller with some of the kids from our youth program, including Zeke on his awesome 16" uni. A few hikers joined us, and we ran into Yu up there, and George missing a wheel.